The Hindu – August 22 2019 – “Ananga’s dance was underscored by rich bhava”

Ananga was at home with all aspects — whether it was the concept of ‘pada sevai’ serving Lord Venkatachalapathy, performing the usi, thattu-mettu starting with the offbeat, or the ‘bring him with all honours’ instruction to the friend shown as the hero coming with a mridangam accompaniment and marrying her… After cajoling her friend to go as a messenger, she watches her friend make her way, and urges her not to stop when she turns back. Every nuance was natural.

Ananga performed ‘Sankara Srigiri’ (Hamsanandi, Adi, Swati Tirunal) depicting the god of the mountain Sankara dancing. This piece was eminently suited to Ananga’s energy and flexibility. She is a well-trained, diligent dancer.


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